Conferences & Special Events

About Us

Conferences play an essential role in the advancement of local and international responses to challenges faced by local, regional and global societies. They serve as a catalyst for education and professional development, motivation, behavioural changes and the conceptualisation and implementation of concrete actions. This is achieved through the establishment of numerous platforms, such as, information sharing, training initiatives and development of business relationships to further the promotion of products as well as planning projects.

FPD’s involvement in conferences dates back to the Xlllth International AIDS Conference, which took place in Durban in 2000. The organisation was instrumental in the management of the bid to host this conference and proceeded to organise the conference as the first macro international conference hosted in South Africa. This conference was a watershed event and catalysed the global movement to make AIDS treatment affordable. Today, millions of people in developing countries are able to access this life-saving treatment. The success of the Xlllth International AIDS Conference launched South Africa into the international convention market.

Building on this heritage, the Conferences and Special Events Department annually organise a number of top level conferences on themes that resonate with the FPD vision of creating a better society. These conferences shape public perception on important health, economic and social issues.

Core Capabilities

Our comprehensive range of local and international professional conference planning and management services include:

  • Strategic Support Services
  • Strategic Conference Business Development
  • Conference Risk Analysis
  • International Conference Bid Production
  • Conference Secretariat Functions
  • Abstract-and-Speaker-Management Services
  • Conference Project Planning and Management Services
  • Delegate Administration Service (including registration)
  • Exhibition Management Services
  • Financial Management
  • Conference IT Support Services and Equipment
  • Event Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Protocol Services
  • Scholarship Management Services
  • Destination and Tour Management
  • Sponsorships Recruitment and Exhibition Sales