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Short Course in Finance for Public Sector Managers - Contact Tuition

Interests: Finance / Management


The term ‘financial management’ has a number of meanings including the administration and maintenance of financial assets. The process of financial management may also include identifying and trying to work around the various risks to which a particular project may be exposed.

Some experts refer to financial management as the science of money management – the primary usage of the term being in the world of financing business activities. However, the process of financial management is important at all levels of human existence, because every entity needs to look after its finances.

From an organizational standpoint, the process of financial management is the process associated with financial planning and financial control. Financial planning seeks to quantify various financial resources available and plan the size and timing of expenditures.

In the business world, this means closely monitoring cash flow. The inflow is the amount of money coming into a particular company, while outflow is the record of the expenditure being made by the company in various sources.

Financial decision-making is also an important part of the modern day financial management process. The particular entities involved in financial management also need to be able to take the financial decisions that are intended to benefit them in the long run and achieve their financial aims, which is the basic premise of financial management.

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Course Design

The programme will be a combination of the following learning interventions:

  • A facilitated 2-day workshop.
  • Self-study: A comprehensive self-study guide developed by experts in the field.

Learning Outcomes

On completing the course the learner will be able to:

  • Grasp the basic concepts and principles necessary for sound financial management;
  • Implement the requirement of the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999;
  • Comply with the Treasury Regulations;
  • Implement effective strategic planning and MTEF process;
  • Prepare the budget linked to the strategic plan;
  • Develop and measure performance;
  • Apply risk and asset management principles;
  • Develop skills for effective management of internal control systems; and
  • Undertake effective financial reporting processes

Study Material

Section 1: Overview if financial management in the public sector
Section 2: Financial framework the officials work in
Section 3: Planning and budgeting
Section 4: In year management, monitoring and reporting
Section 5: Performance measurement in the public sector
Section 6: Asset management and loss control
Section 7: Risk management
Section 8: Internal control
Section 9: Financial reporting and accountability


The study material will be comprehensive enough to eliminate the need for supportive textbooks and will include material to ensure that all the elements of the course content are covered.


Assessment is summative and participants are required to complete a assignment within 3 months after attending the workshop. The completed assignment is submitted to the FPD for assessment. Although participants may work together, the submitted assignment must reflect the individual participant’s own work. 


The face-to-face tuition by leading national experts will take place over a two-day period in the format of an outcome-based workshop focusing on the practical integration of the knowledge acquired through the self-study guide.  The workshop will avoid a didactic approach and use case studies, role-playing and interactive methodology suitable to adult educational principles


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should attend the full workshop and successfully complete the assessment process.


R 4 250.00 (Inclusive of all VAT and Taxes where applicable)

Date Venue
17 - 19 March 2020 Gauteng
18 - 19 August 2020 Gauteng