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Resources Mobilisation and Donor Relations Short Course - Contact Tuition



Participants will leave the course with a broad understanding of the complex realities and challenges of the funding landscape in South Africa and greater confidence in their ability to manage within it. The programme design provides a powerful means of integrating learning across the different disciplines and affords opportunity to further reinforce the application of key concepts. Each participant will be furbished with a customised paper based toolkit with all the necessary tools and contact lists, which will enable them to successfully mobilise resources and manage donor relations.

This will include for example:

  • Glossary of funding terminology.
  • Internet funding directories.
  • Some foundations and their programmes in South Africa.
  • Sources for international grants.
  • US based international grant-making foundations
  • General philanthropic sources.
  • Development agencies of individual countries.
  • Other useful links and research topics.
  • Proposal templates.
  • Relationship marketing and tracking tool template.
  • Sponsorship tracking tool template.

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Who Should Enrol

All those in the public and not-for-profit sector responsible for securing funding for their organisations.

Course Design

The course will be offered through a combination of self-study and a 1-day interactive workshop facilitated by leading experts in the fields.

Course Content

  • Overview of the funding landscape.
  • Resource mobilisation.
  • The resource development cycle.
  • Donor relations.


Accredited, according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 8 Ethical CEUs on level 2.


After successful completion of the assessment, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion by the Foundation for Professional Development.