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Certified Impairment Rater (CIR)® Examination (AMA GUIDES SIXTH EDITION) - E-learning

Interests: Disability / Impairment / Accident / Functionality / Medical evaluation / Capacity assessment / Occupational Health / Health Insurance


It is imperative to demonstrate your ability to accurately assess impairment using the AMA Guides for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.
The CIR® certification recognises a specific skill set: the ability to use appropriately the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition. The credential distinguishes you from those who lack this expertise.
The certification will improve the quality and reliability of ratings, thereby reducing conflict and facilitating fair resolution of claims.

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Who Should Enrol

  • Physicians performing impairment ratings
  • Attorneys
  • Claims professionals, other health care professionals, and judges in systems that make use of the AMA Guides

Partner Organisation

The CIR® certification was developed in 2006 by Brigham and Associates, Inc. (www.amaguides.com) under the guidance of Christopher R. Brigham [MD, MMS CIME, FIAIME, CIR, Editor of the AMA Guides Newsletter, Senior Contributing Editor of the AMA Guides (Sixth Edition), and Editor of the Guides Casebook and Guides Newsletter].


The CIR® online assessment reflects the real world. It is an open-book exam that requires you to use the AMA Guides. You will refer to the Guides to obtain information and solve cases. Therefore, it is also a very effective learning tool — you will increase your ability to apply the Guides. Traditional onsite examinations do not provide this learning experience.

Admission Requirements

Participants are required to had previously completed a short course on AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment Sixth Edition and proof of attendance may be requested.

Examination Structure

On-line, open book. Multiple sessions, permitted


Although most examinees take 3 to 5 hours, you may complete the examination in multiple sessions and there is no time limit.


Successful delegates will obtain a CIR® certification and will be entered into the “SA Independent Certified Examiner” list that is kept at FPD.


R 6 000.00 (Inclusive of all VAT and Taxes)