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Medical Terminology and Anatomy for non-healthcare Professionals Short Course - Distance

Interests: Lay Counsellors / Healthcare workers / Medicals terms / Anatomy


Employees in clinical and nonclinical positions within a healthcare system must be able to easily use medical terminology every day to understand what is being read, written, billed, or communicated during day-to-day job duties. A firm grasp and clear understanding of medical terminology is vital to job performance whether you spend time in a healthcare facility or never step foot into a medical clinic.

The basic anatomical organs and terminology which make up the body systems are discussed and explained, the medical terms that apply to each of these structures and other possibly related diseases. Procedures involved in diagnosing problems will also be discussed

The course offer essential background information prior to learning ICD-10 CODING.

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Who Should Enrol

All non-medically trained staff working in a medical environment

  • Doctor’s accounting staff
  • Hospital accounting staff
  • Medical schemes’ coders and assessors
  • Medical insurance account reviewers
  • Software houses

Course Design

This course is a distance-based course and participants will receive a comprehensive and user-friendly study guide developed by experts in the field. 1-day contact sessions can be arranged.

Course Content

Anatomic terminology

  • The skeletal system
  • Muscular System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • Respiratory System
  • The Nervous System
  • Uro-genital System
  • The Skin
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • The eye
  • Gastrointestinal System


1 month to complete the course & theoretical assessments


Theory assessment - Multiple Choice Q paper

Admission Requirements

  • Proof of Grade 12 certificate
  • Copy of an ID
  • Payment must be settled before training is undertaken


Accredited according to the HPCSA CPD Guidelines for Health Professionals - for a total of 23 clinical points on Level 2.


To qualify for the certificate, participants should complete the course and complete the theoretical assessment.


Contact sessions can be presented anywhere