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7 Day Mental Kit for Surviving Lockdown - E-learning



On 23rd March 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national lockdown for a period of 21 days to combat the coronavirus pandemic which was subsequently extended for another 14 days until the end of April. Infective droplets produced during coughing or sneezing of an infected person are the main means of transmission. Therefore, the nationwide lockdown was necessary to fundamentally disrupt the chain of transmission of the Corona virus across society. So far it seems to have the desired effect as the number of new cases have dropped dramatically, however the lockdown has come with its own specific challenges, one of them is on the mental health well-being of everybody in involved.

With the lockdown measures in place and many people self-isolating, the outbreak is affecting the way many of us live our lives - triggering stress, depression and anxiety. For most, the extended period of "social distancing" away from loved ones and friends can be hard on our mental well-being. The free 7 Day Mental Kit for Surviving Lockdown is designed to help you through tough times like these. This online course will guide you in taking simple steps to ensure that you to stay mentally fit and healthy while at home in lockdown.

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Who Should Enrol

Members of the general public and all health care workers wishing to maintain and improve mental health and well-being during the lockdown period.

Course Design

Online e-learning education through interactive learning activities, videos, presentations and articles. The course is designed in such a way that different topics are covered over a seven-day period in order to maintain and improve mental resilience during the lockdown period imposed to combat COVID-19. Participants will not be assessed but ques?ons will be posed for self-refection.

Exit Level Outcomes

After completion of this learning experience, participants should be able to:

  1. Achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgement
  2. Create a daily routine that supports and promotes a sense of purpose and well-being
  3. Maintain mental health during stressful times through the introduction of creative activities
  4. Adapt your lifestyle and physical exercise programme to a confined space to incorporate physical well-being and mental fitness during lockdown
  5. Remain calm and composed in the face of stress
  6. Cope with anxiety during lock down utilising various available modalities and techniques, e.g. music, focussed thought, speaking Deal with depression and feelings of isolation during lockdown
  7. Connect to a place of inner peace
  8. Find resources on parenting in the time of COVID-19

Course Content

The following modules are covered in this short course:
Day 1: Introduction to the importance of mental well-being
Day 2: Mindfulness and meditation
Day 3: Planning your day - The importance of routines and discipline
Day 4: How to cope with anxiety during lockdown through music therapy and other modalities
Day 5: Exercise and Lifestyle adaptations
Day 6: Stimulating creativity during lockdown
Day 7: Dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression and anger in lockdown
Resources for children and their parents to cope with lockdown


This eLearning short course should take approximately 1 hour per day to complete over a period of 7 days. In addition, we have added resources for parents and children to keep them busy in creative ways during lockdown.


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should complete the full e-learning course.

Fees Access

Free access to this course is provided through sponsorship provided by FPD and PSS.

How to Register

  1. Go to the MPC platform https://www.mpconsulting.co.za/online-cme
  2. Select course: 7 Day Mental Kit for Surviving Lockdown
  3. Create login profile if not already in the system
  4. Complete registration form
  5. Access granted