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Providing Technical guidance on how to set up a screening testing and treatment facility - E-learning



To stay ahead of the Coronavirus pandemic countries are going to have to rapidly increase their ability to test their ci?zens. PEPFAR partners through technical assistance and support of healthcare systems will play an important role in ensuring quality and safe service delivery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This course has been designed to rapidly develop the competency of par?cipants to create tes?ng sta?ons at healthcare facili?es designed to ensure that it op?mises the safety of pa?ents and staff. Addi?onally, this course provides guidance on crea?ng a treatment facility for pa?ents with COVID-19. Included in the course, is COVID-19 preparedness at facili?es that do not offer tes?ng.

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Who Should Enrol

Any PEPFAR partner involved in providing technical assistance to the South African government, hospital or clinic managers and administrators who are involved in se?ng up screening, tes?ng and treatment facili?es.

Course Design

This is an eLearning course with a minimum comple?on dura?on of 3 hours.

Exit Level Outcomes

On completion of the course, a participant will be able to:

  1. Explain COVID-19 in a global context
  2. Explain the basics of COVID-19 and describe the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19
  3. Develop a facility master plan in response to COVID-19
  4. Implement infection control measures and differentiate between the appropriate use of personal protective equipment
  5. Describe the steps in seting up a screening facility
  6. Describe the steps in seting up a testing facility
  7. Explain what is required for a treatment facility
  8. Implement a screening and testing facility that protects healthcare workers from infection and limits further spread of COVID-19

Course Content

The following study units are included in this short course:

  1. Overview of COVID-19
  2. COVID-19 basics
  3. Facility readiness
  4. Personal Protective equipment
  5. Seting up a screening facility
  6. Seting up a testing facility
  7. Seting up a treatment facility
  8. Facility set up summary


Students will be assessed my means of MCQ’s for which a minimum pass mark of 70% should be obtained to qualify for a cer?ficate of comple?on.


FPD will award successful par?cipants with a cer?ficate of comple?on of this course.


Accredited for 6 CEU’s on level 2

Fees Access

Free access to this course is provided through PEPFAR support to South Africa.

How to Register

1. Go to the MPC platform https://www.mpconsul?ng.co.za/online-cme
2. Select course: How to set up a Screening, Tes?ng and Treatment facility
3. Create login profile if not already in the system
4. Complete registration form
5. Access granted