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Developing People

FPD Ships

The FPD SHIPS Department was established in 2012 to draw from the expertise developed by FPD through the PEPFAR Fellowship Programme in successfully transitioning students from academia to the workplace.

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School of Education

The school of education prides itself in developing courses and selecting a faculty that understands the basic education context and delivering courses that are practical and relevant to the daily responsibilities that teachers, principals and district officials face in their work.

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Business School

The FPD Business School has a wide selection of management and business courses comprising of formally registered qualifications, international short courses, short learning programmes and distance education. These management courses cater for all levels of students from entry-level managers to highly-experienced executive management.

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School of Health Sciences

The FPD School of Health Sciences has been the leader in training healthcare professionals for many years and, take pride in being recognised as the pinnacle product leaders and innovators in the health care industry.

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