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Community Based HIV Testing Services

Through funding from Global Fund, Soul City Institute (SCI) funded FPD to implement a community-based HIV testing project. The project was implemented in two provinces namely Gauteng and North West covering two districts (Tshwane and Bojanala). The goal of the project is to implement community-based counselling and testing services including reproductive health services, STI and TB screening, condom distribution and linkage, targeting young boys between the age of 10-14 years and young girls and young women between the age of 15-24 years. Under this programme, HTS services are accompanied by mobile-unit based clinical SRH services, SRH information and advice sessions, as well as psycho-social support, counselling and referral services. Clinical SRH services may include provision of contraceptive pill, injection, intrauterine device (IUD) implant, and/or emergency contraception pill, or as negotiated and agreed with the local Department of Health. Referral and linkage in the context of this project encompasses: both HIV yield (HIV positive clients) and prevention yield (HIV negative client at risk of HIV) referrals; referrals to and between bio-medical, psycho-social, social services and behavioural intervention programmes; as well as into health facility and others. This is a three year project which started in 2016 and is scheduled to end in March 2019.

Institute Community Based HIV Testing Services