About Conferences

FPD provides a macro meeting and events management service with skilled and experienced staff working on state-of-the-art project management systems. We offer our clients a solid partnership on all aspects of events and conference management, guaranteeing the successful roll-out of your project. The organization is well established and recognized in the industry for excellence.

As one of very few conference management companies in South Africa that operates solely on a professional management fee structure, we always commit FPD to serving the client’s best interest and to significantly reduce the operational cost of hosting the conferences by negotiating the best fees from service providers such as venues, accommodation establishments, audio visual suppliers etc. often below nett rates.
Our model differs substantially from the traditional PCO services and is unique in South Africa.

  • We support organizations on a strategic level and an operational level
  • There are no hidden commissions
  • We offer cash flow support

Why should you use us?

  • We are financially secure and have organisational stability, with a sustainable infrastructure.
  • We have recently invested in a generator to enable us to be self-sufficient in case of power cuts.
  • Our telephone system is backed up by an Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS), to ensure business continuation during power cuts or surges.
  • We have an advanced delegate administration software package custom made to offer the full range of electronic delegate management services to our clients
  • We operate on a non-commissionable management structure and therefore do not accept any commissions from suppliers – thereby reducing the bottom-line costs for the client.
  • We are transparent, accountable and are both pro-active and responsive to the needs of our clients and their delegates through effective communication.
  • Our experience, skills and reputation, go beyond just conference coordination and management - our clients have come to trust us for both strategy development and project management.
  • We offer a unique and complete conference management service, using progressive project management processes and tools.
  • We incorporate environmental considerations in our early planning phases, to minimize a conference’s negative impact on the environment.

Core Capabilities

FPD offers cash flow support which is aimed at ensuring the success of the project on a commercial and strategic level. All of this is done in close collaboration with the governance (committee) structures of the conference. We do this by focusing on:
Managing stakeholder relationships including the provision of a secretariat for all governance structures Development of business plans & operational plans Managing all the strategic financial aspects of the project including:
- The budget

  • Cash flow projections,
  • Optimizing income sources for example exhibition sales, sponsorship and delegate fees
  • Supplier negotiations in order to ensure best prices
  • Financial management of cash flow, profit loss management
  • Risk management
  • Marketing and communications in order to optimize attendance and impact of the conference
  • Sponsorship recruitment and relationship management
  • Exhibitor solicitation
    We manage all aspects of the project and implementation of the strategic issues identified above.
    Our project management model differs substantially from the traditional PCO service and is unique in South Africa. We support organisations in organising their conferences at various levels. Our Project Management Model is aimed at ensuring the success of a conference on a commercial and strategic level. All of this is done in close collaboration with the governance (committee) structures of the conference.
    Planning and management of conferences are done through a process of risk analysis, determination and setting of policies, financial-, communication-, project-, human resources planning and management and the appointment and management of ancillary service or outsourced suppliers.

An important aspect of our Project Management Model is ensuring that all commission income reverts to the conference budget. FPD never accepts any commissions from suppliers such as hotels, conference venues, etc. Sadly, this is a common practice amongst PCO's and obviously increases the conference overhead expenses and subsequently the delegate fees. FPD is one of very few conference management companies in South Africa that operates solely on a professional management fee structure.
We commit to serve the client’s best interest at all times and to significantly reduce the operational cost of hosting a conference by negotiating the best fees from service providers such as venues, accommodation establishments, audio visual suppliers, etc.

FPD operates a custom developed on-line registration system, acquired from our technology partner, Medical Practice Consulting (MPC). This advanced delegate administration software enables FPD to offer the full range of electronic delegate management services to our clients. This software product provides a new level of flexibility to our clients and demonstrates a greater degree of streamlining and cost effectiveness with the opportunity for delegates to completely register themselves on-line including the option of returning, editing their registration data and processing a Credit Card or EFT payment via PayFast in a fully secure environment.
At an operational level FPD provides the following services:

  • Venue management
  • Supplier management (Audiovisual, banqueting etc)
  • Speaker management
  • Delegate registrations
  • Abstract management
  • Exhibitor management
  • Scholarship management
  • IT and conference website design
  • Safety and security services
  • Medical services
  • Speaker management
  • Media coordination and press centre management
  • Document production – call for abstracts, programme, posters etc
  • Accommodation, travel and tours
  • Creative Conceptualization and Development

Our convention planning and co-ordination services include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Attend/receive client briefing and profiling the event
  • Determine/anticipate service requirements
  • Preparing a quotation and service agreement
  • Develop and management of the project document with critical paths/milestones
  • Develop creative concept
  • Develop HR and reporting structure
  • Draft expense and revenue budget, determine break event and minimum registration
  • numbers
  • Determine financial & operational risk
  • Set revenue targets

FPD has the ability and experience to organize and manage exhibitions at conferences. To develop floor plans (to scale), draft exhibitors briefing documentation and co-ordinate exhibition set-up. For larger exhibitions, 30+ stands, FPD works closely with a dedicated exhibition management company to ensure the success of this activity. Custom stages, props & draping can be done on request by the client. FPD to liaise with provider for set-up instructions and the brief.

FPD offers the following IT services:

  • Conference website/webpage development
  • On-line registration form
  • On-line presenter paper submission
  • Computers (on-site registration)
  • Bulk e-mails
  • Computers for on-site registrations
  • Production of CD-Rom report with presentations
  • Self-service desks at registration

We recognize the importance of audio visual aids and provide the following as part of our technical services:

  • Sound (mixers, amplifiers, microphones & speakers)
  • Lighting (standard, spot & intelligent)
  • Data projectors & screens
  • Equipment for MS PowerPoint displays (laptop with software linked to data projectors and sound system)

Information and communication technology (ICT) management:

  • Manage and coordinate the activities of the contracted ICT supplier
  • Ensure the supply of back-up/standby equipment and personnel
  • Ensure the onsite supply of sufficient computers, printers, copiers, fax machines,
  • telephones, etc for the conference venues, registration desk, media room and other offices
  • Manage the production of a CD-rom of conference presentations/final papers

We have an in-house Communication Department who are trained and used specifically for the design work necessary throughout the conference contract. They work at functionally developing:

  • Conference/ Event logo's
  • Website design and development
  • Conference/corporate identity for printing and electronic use
  • Conference programme book
  • ID tags
  • Master slide
  • Proof reading of documents
  • Develop a corporate identity, an eye-catching logo and branding for the conference
  • Creative design
  • Draft a distribution critical path
  • Database management and maintenance
  • Announcements/brochures
  • Registration forms
  • Electronic flyers
  • Final programmes
  • Menus for social functions
  • Proof reading of documents
  • Banners and posters
  • Directional signage
  • Floor plans
  • Conference assessment forms
  • Delegate lists
  • Delegate abstract booklets
  • Managing Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In accounts for any event
  • Press Releases and on-site media management

We provide special event security personnel for access control & disaster management as well as static security (overnight) for exhibition and equipment.
Managing and coordinating the activities of the contracted security and access control supplier we ensure:

  • Preparation and implement of a safety, risk and disaster management plan in liaison with the special event security supplier
  • All staff and suppliers are aware of security procedures, emergency procedures and fire regulations
  • Management and coordination of the sufficient supply of security personnel and access control officers during the conference.
  • Public liability insurance
  • Medical staff on site

The FPD Travel Bureau is structured to provide a full travel and destination management service to conferences at the highest international standards and most competitive pricing.
We have established a professional working relationship with suppliers and service providers throughout South Africa over the years and this guarantees quality, cooperation and commitment to our events.

Airline Reservations:
Through our IATA licensed ASATA accredited partner we will make flight reservations on all airlines throughout the world using the Galileo global distribution system as well as the internet direct booking facilities. Flights will be offered based on the client’s criteria including price, schedule and flexibility requirements.
Confirmations of all reservations are sent immediately. Tickets are generated electronically, and boarding passes are available for collection in good time prior to departure.
We will also give advice on and assistance with travel formalities such as passports, visas, permits and insurance. The Consultants have over 200 years of experience between them are highly skilled professionals.

We have a strong track record for providing accommodation for delegates and participants and this is based on many years of contracting room allotments, negotiating for the best possible rates, providing an online booking facility and responding swiftly to customer requests.
A range of accommodation to suit all budgets from deluxe hotels to budget lodges and guesthouses will be at provided within easy access to the meeting venue and a description of each establishment will be posted on our website to allow participants to exercise their personal choice.

Confirmations are sent to all guests who have booked and exchange vouchers are issued upon receipt of the appropriate payment.

Airport transfers will be arranged for participants arriving from international destinations or other cities in South Africa to allow the people a swift and efficient service to their place of accommodation.
This service guarantees a reasonable price and a booking facility is offered online.

Shuttle transport:
We can arrange shuttle transport between the appointed hotels and the meeting venue if required so that delegates can reach their selected sessions in good time.
Schedules will be printed and made available in delegate satchels and at the venue and hotel reception desks.

Pre and Post congress Tours:
These will be structured and made available to enhance the visitors experience in the relevant city and within South Africa.
Using only the finest, registered tour operators with quality guides and modern comfortable coaches we offer a wide range of itineraries to suit all tastes for short half day tour through to extended comprehensive overland trips.
Our tours include content of geographical, historical, cultural and social interest and guarantee the visitor an experience that will be both enjoyable and memorable. Whether it is a city tour of Cape Town or Durban, a safari in the Kruger Park or a private reserve, a trip to a wine farm or up Table Mountain, the historical battlefields of Zululand or many of our other splendors, we assure you a friendly, visual and informative excursion.
All tours will have full itineraries published on the website and secure online booking facilities will be available.
Negotiations for room rates and complimentary rooms at net rates are done and transfers from the airport, hotel or conference venue can be organized.
Flight reservations are organized and possible daily activities and tours are prepared for attendees and accompanying persons.

  • Setting up of database
  • Design on-line registration form
  • Design invoice
  • Design Receipt
  • Draft confirmation letters
  • Receive on-line registration applications
  • Produce invoices
  • Disseminate invoices with payment advice (postage charges for the account of the client)
  • Reconcile database with payment received in conference bank account
  • Process credit card payments (at a cost of 5% of the transaction amount for the client’s
  • account – fee set by bank)
  • Disseminate registration confirmations
  • Produce reports
  • Full event status
  • Registrations in various categories
  • Delegate lists
  • Debtors & Creditors
  • Dietary requirements
  • Print on-site registration envelopes
  • Print duplicate invoices/statements for registration envelopes
  • Bulk reminder e-mail to delegates (can advise of latest information, road works etc.)
  • Final delegate list
  • Creative thinking is our specialty and conference attendees can expect quality products for example:
  • Delegate bags/folders
  • Invites
  • Presenter gifts
  • Delegate handouts
  • Trophies/plaques
  • ID Pockets and lanyards

FPD is able to match the clients objectives and desired outcomes of reaching the target audience through a well planned and structured communications/marketing strategy. The communications strategy will clearly identify key objectives and will include communication tools to support business strategies and to meet these objectives.

Entertainment can be arranged for the opening of the conference and for special functions.
Social events management:

  • Choose appropriate menus and arrange menu tasting if necessary
  • Set bar limits
  • Special dietary requirements and culinary considerations
  • Seating plans and allocations
  • Sequence of events
  • Appointment of hostesses/volunteers
  • Arrange stage and room décor
  • Arrange appropriate entertainment and Programme Director/s
  • Coordinate audio-visual and production requirements
  • Protocol services

FPD co-ordinates the local and international exhibition and sponsorship component of conferences which includes drafting sponsorship and exhibition marketing material as well as conducting resource mobilization through the procurement of sponsorships and exhibitions.
The setting of sponsorship targets and determination of fees and sponsorship benefits will be compiled in conjunction with the client