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What type of research must be submitted to the FPD Research Ethics Committee for review?

Please note that all health research must be reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee in terms of the National Health Act.
The National Health Act (Act 61 of 2003) defines “health research” as any research which contributes to knowledge of-
(a) the biological, clinical, psychological or social processes in human beings;
(b) improved methods for the provision of health services;
(c) human pathology;
(d) the causes of disease;
(e) the effects of the environment on the human body;
(f) the development or new application of pharmaceuticals, medicines and related substances; and (g) the development of new applications of health technology;

Application and review process

Figure. Overview of application and review process

Please contact the FPD-REC secretariat further inquiries:

Terms of Reference and Standard Operating Procedures