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The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) is an organisation that beliefs in developing people through various endeavours. Conferencing and Event management is an aspect of FPD that has grown over 21 years to make FPD one of the few expert event organisers in the Health Sector in South Africa.

FPD offers a comprehensive in-house event management capacity that is designed to convert our clients brief into a successful event. Planning and management of events including event risk analysis is based on 21 years of event management experience and supported by customised event and project management software. Events are managed based on detailed operational plans that are linked to entrenched Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Thanks to the large number of events FPD annually organises it has a comprehensive of database of vetted external suppliers for bags, printing, etc. and the ability to leverage its purchasing power to ensure that clients receive substantial discounts. This support is aimed at ensuring the success of the conference on an operational and strategic level.

Events, especially conferences, create a specific need for sophisticated problem-solving approaches given that these are projects usually with immovable deadlines.

FPD is registered with the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) as well as with the Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO). Additionally, as the largest organiser of health-related conferences in South Africa, we have extensive experience in registering our conference for CPD points with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

FPD also has an in-house communications, media, graphic and web design and editorial capacity allowing professional document development and media engagement when required. In-house bulk e-mail communication systems support marketing of events and communication with delegates. FPDs in-house IT Department provides cost effective rental of IT equipment rental and onsite IT support for smaller events which is often a cheaper option than outsourcing to an external service provider

Events in a changing world

COVID-19 changed the way organisations interact and communicate with their staff, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. The limitation of people per business event, has not lessen the need for companies to be able to still interact with stakeholders.

An online event, be it a webinar or virtual conference, requires a certain standard of production quality, even though it varies from an in-person event, it presents its own challenges specifically from a technological and a planning stand point.

FPD understands that meetings, trainings, team building, group collaboration and social events etc. has become even more important to organisations in a time where ‘working from home’ has become the new normal.

FPD gives organisations the opportunity to still interact with all their stakeholders through our on-line platforms. Virtual meetings, webinars and conferences can be organised by FPD with our on-line event solutions.

Social Media channels presents an opportunity to reach our targeted audience giving them a snippet of the event.

Another part of a successful event is entertainment, to highlight the lighter side of events. During a live event, the entertainment is always well received, giving delegates a well-earned kick back moment, allowing them to shift focus for a bit.

FPD’s Conferences and Special Events Department provides the following services for on-line events:

  • Platform management, setting up the event and pre-testing
  • Training and pre-event testing with facilitator
  • Developing of marketing material for event
  • Marketing of event
  • Registration management
  • Speaker management
  • Database management
  • Providing IT Technician during live event
  • On-line entertainment and networking options
  • On-line exhibition and networking solutions
  • Post event recording
  • Post event database
  • SMS, Call and WhatsApp support during the event
  • Post event reporting

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