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Programme Evaluation

The Education Innovation Department (EID) is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of donor-funded and commercial academic programmes, including short learning programmes and qualifications. Evaluation forms part of the programme development and quality assurance processess of this Department.

Evaluation of academic programmes and training interventions is a systematic process of collecting information about the teaching and learning activities and materials, which can then be used for guiding decision making and for assessing the relevance and effectiveness of various educational components. Reasons for conducting evaluations on academic programmes and training interventions include:

  • improving the programme for future participants
  • confirming that you are getting the training right
  • proving the programme is adding value or having the intended impact

Monitoring & Evaluation Services offered:

  • M&E of academic programmes and training interventions(including short courses and qualifications)
  • M&E of academic and training innovations
  • M&E of educational interventions and campaigns
  • Rapid assessments and gap analyses
  • Training needs assessments and Skills Audits
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction Surveys

2018 / 2019 Projects