The FPD Research Unit is based in East London, Eastern Cape province, but conducts research projects across South Africa. The Research Unit has a diverse project portfolio with projects in the fields of HIV prevention and antiretroviral therapy (ART), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), antimicrobial resistance, and mental health. Focus is on adolescent girls and young women, pregnant women, and key populations. These projects are funded by a diverse group of national and international donors, and conducted by an experienced team of investigators, clinical researchers, field workers, and data staff.

FPD has established research infrastructure in Buffalo City Municipality in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa. This includes the Ndevana Clinical Research Site (CRS) that was established in 2021 to ensure that the Eastern Cape communities are included in clinical trials research. At present, several HIV prevention trials are conducted at Ndevana CRS. Furthermore, there are five FPD clinical research facilities within the main primary healthcare facilities in the district. At these sites, STI and HIV prevention research projects are conducted. Last, we work closely with community partners to conduct research to improve HIV prevention and ART adherence among key populations (men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women) across the district.

FPD has a longstanding relationship with the South African Department of Health at National, Provincial and District level. Research projects are leveraged to conduct training and capacity building activities in support of service delivery and systems strengthening in the district. Also, we work closely with an extensive network of local stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and community partners. Community advisory boards are in place to ensure that project are designed and implemented in a locally relevant and culturally appropriate way.

FPD is deeply committed to the principles of open science, and routinely publishes in open access journals. We believe in fostering transparency, collaboration, and accessibility in our research endeavors. Through open sharing of data, methods, and findings, we aim to advance knowledge, promote innovation, and contribute to the global scientific community's collective progress

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Our Research Staff


Head Of Research

Ms Amanda Khuzwayo

Senior Project Manager

Mr Freedom Mukomana

Data Manager at East London


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Prof. Remco Peters

Head of Research at East London