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School of Education

The school of education prides itself in developing courses and selecting a faculty that understands the basic education context and delivering courses that are practical and relevant to the daily responsibilities that teachers, principals and district officials face in their work.

The school of Education's emphasis is on translating management and theory into practical workplace skills. This is ensured through our educational approach, our panel of national subject expert faculty and our ability to customize training programmes for the basic education sector.

Popular Courses

Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education - E-learning

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Student Support Services

Online Student Portal

FPD has established an internet-based Student Support Site(SSS) to support all its enrolled students to acheive formal registered qualifications.This SSS is a server programme that allows invited users to collaborate on the website by editing and downloading content from the site from thier own computer and in their own time.Visitors can view the web pages and interact with fellow students and facilitators.

The SSS allows facilitators and assessors to mentor students online and allows students to form students support groups.FPD's website offers students assistance through the provision of assessments and assignment guidelines.

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