School of Health Sciences

The FPD School of Health Sciences has been the leader in training healthcare professionals for many years and, takes pride in being recognised as the pinnacle product leader and innovator in the health care industry.

Our research has shown that 54% of all doctors have studied with us and continue to do so by earning some of yearly CEU points with us. Our school of Health Sciences also receives numerous yearly sponsorship grants that make it possible for us to reduce the training cost on most of our courses.

The portfolio of Health Sciences courses is specifically designed to enhance the clinical skills of healthcare professionals and is taught through a combination of assessed self-study, using detailed study material and facilitated workshops (face-to- face or virtual) by leading national experts. The majority of our short courses are accredited for CEU points by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. FPD is also an institutional member of the South African Institute of Healthcare Managers and a member of the SAMA Group.

Amidst the COVID pandemic the need for online study material has become evident. Responding to this demand, the School of Health Sciences has developed many online and eLearning products, many of these are clinical courses with COVID content, but others are conventional medical education courses traditionally associated with the school. With the ramifications of the COVID pandemic in mind, there is a strong focus on courses linked to mental health and well-being. In addition to the short courses the school will expand its offering going forward to include more formal qualifications and post graduate diplomas to fill the gap for a wider Southern African and African audience.

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