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Short Course in Practice Finance for Private Practitioners - Contact Tuition

Interests: Finance


  • Fortune 500 identified the medical profession as the one where people lost more of what they earned than any other profession.
  • Professional commitment leaves doctors without the time or the skills to manage the financial aspect of their practice while maintaining levels of service.
  • Accountants are not always good business advisers and the private practitioner is often not in a position to assess their advice or interpret their reports.
  • Change in ownership of a practice is difficult to manage from both sides because of the human capital involved.
  • The relationship with medical aids and health insurers has to be well managed for the practice to remain liquid.

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Who Should Enrol

Professionally skilled people who want to increase the financial discipline in the management of their practice.

Course Design

The workshop is presented through a series of interactive sessions on various aspects relating to practice finance. The workshop is presented over 2 days.

Course Content

Upon successful completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Apply personal finance and planning
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business processes and finances
  • Explain financial terms and definitions
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of sources and applications of capital in a business
  • Describe the effect of working capital management
  • Identify the Golden rules for investments through ratio analysis
  • Explain the importance of cash flow and demonstrate the ability to effectively manage it
  • Demonstrate an understanding of budgeting principles and processes
  • Describe practical tips to protect practice finance


A work related assignment.


Accredited, according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 30 Ethical CEUs on level 2.


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should fully attend the workshop as well as successfully complete the assessment process.


R 4 250.00 (Inclusive of all VAT and Taxes where applicable)

Date Venue
10 -11 June 2020 Gauteng
17 - 18 November Gauteng