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Short Course in the Adjudication of Permanent Medical Impairment Rating Claims (Based on AMA-6th Edition) - Contact Tuition



The course is intended to benefit those who need to adjudicate medical impairments done by medical practitioners as required by The Road Accident Fund, Workman’s Compensation as well as Rand Mutual Assurance and other Insurance Companies for the assessment of claims from road accidents, injuries on duty and other disability claims.

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Who Should Enroll?

Medical and Hospital Case Managers, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Disability Evaluators and Nurses involved in the adjudication of medical impairment rating claims for Road Accident Fund, Workman’s Compensation, Rand Mutual Assurance and Insurance Companies paying disabilities based on permanent medical impairment.

Course Design

3 day interactive workshop.


Additional competency examination for doctors is available after the 3rd day of training.

Course Content

The following topics are covered under this programme:

  • Conceptual Foundation and Philosophy of The Guides (AMA-6th Edition);
  • Practical application of the Guides;
  • Pain Related Impairment;
  • The Upper Extremities;
  • The Lower Extremities;
  • The Spine and Pelvis;
  • Central Nervous System;
  • Mental and Behaviour Systems;
  • The Skin;
  • Visual System;
  • Hearing;
  • Practical Case Studies;
  • Applying the Narrative test (RAF).


The delegates will be provided with case studies to do at home and will evaluate the competencies to:

  • Gain good knowledge and insight into adjudication of impairment ratings done by independent medical practitioners.
  • Interpret and apply the principles of The American AMA Guides 6th Edition in the adjudication process of claims.


To qualify for the certificate of completion for this short course, participants should fully attend the workshops as well as successfully complete all forms of assessment.


Accredited according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Health Care Professionals for 30 CEU’s on Level 2


R 7 400.00 (incl. VAT) The Course fee excludes all participating travel and accommodation costs.

Limited spaces are available. To avoid disappointment, please book early.

Contact Details

Ms. Alta Kruger

Tel: 012 816 9000
E-mail: OHSW@foundation.co.za
Address: PO Box 75324, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
Website: www.foundation.co.za