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Proposal Unit

Critical to FPD’s continued success, is the ability to identify diversified sources of revenue. The Unit serves a significant role in the identification, coordination and submission of FPD’s responses to calls for proposals and tenders.

The Unit provides the following services to FPD and the FPD Group:

  • Provides overall project management of the proposal development process;
  • Provides administrative support during the proposal writing process
  • Reduces the workload of staff by assisting with research, proof reading and editing as well as providing templates and examples of well-written proposals;
  • Submits the final, professionally-presented proposals on behalf of the proposal development team.

While the Proposal unit did not submit as many tenders or proposals this year, the amount of funding received has been more, with greater success this year than previously.

In the year 2016, the Proposal Unit at FPD showed a 59% increase in the monetary value of successful proposals from 2015. The Unit also boasts with an overall increase in the success rates of submitted proposals and tenders.
As at the end of 2016, the Proposal unit has submitted 161 proposals.